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Why choose Sleepy Bear Bags over one of the larger brands you ask?

Because I was a mum looking for a warm winter sleeping bag for my child, like you are probably doing right now, and I couldn’t find a decent one under $80 + shipping. I got stung a few times with companies advertising they had good quality winter sleeping bags.  I excitedly put my order in only to be disappointed when they arrived. They were thin and the quality wasn’t up to standard.

Mum to mum, I can assure you these bags are exactly as we advertise. They are nice and thick to keep your babies snug on those cold winters night. They have filling, our bags are 100% cotton outer and inner, and they are filled with polyester to give the bag the nice bulky feel which keeps them warm.  It’s like wrapping a doona around your child.

You can buy from us with confidence, plus we have some really cool prints!

We have a FAQ page to answer some of your questions, if we don’t cover it there, feel free to contact me

Warm regards

Bec Collins


M: 0401 649 080

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"Couldn't be happier with our Sleepy Bear Bag! The quality is superb and the price is on point" - Aleeda Lowe

"We are loving our Sleepy Bear Bags! Same day pick up, great fabric and designs and my 8 month old instantly slept better once in his new bag! I've just bought another 2.5 tog with arms in case of emergencies as we can't be without it" - Sarah Gibbs

"Absolutely love our Sleepy Bear bag! Such a great price when compared to all other brands. And such fantastic customer service. Will be recommending to everyone" - Emily Zambrano

"Here's one happy customer! We are really pleased with out purchase of the Winter Sleep Suit. Very cosy and warm, plenty of room for him to grow into for future winter seasons and very reasonably priced. even better was the option for local pick up for customers who live near by. Thanks! " - Jennifer Juniper

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